With the installations at the present exhibition, Farkas has tried to form personal experiences where he has also been the protagonist into a consistent whole. Different works fit together using dream logic and their effect in the gallery is rather abstract. Finding either truth or the meaning of life seems as almost possible or as nearly impossible. The works use the poems of the American poet Traci Brimhall who also views very personal questions in her works by creating very abstract connections.
“The exhibition is a continuation of my experience in Buenos Aires where the corner I had in the artist residency was part of a joint studio shared by other artists. Searching for themes for our future works, we would constantly change the aesthetics of our shared space. New objects, images and texts would be added according to the needs of the people and the space that was constructed in this manner influenced us all at the same time but in different ways. I tried to gain a wider understanding of South-American contemporary art and culture by delving deeper into the works of the local world famous representatives of literature and philosophy. In this manner, I arrived to some parallels with my own thoughts that influence my present works.”